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Powder Coating for Architecture

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coating for architecture

For the many industries we provide our powder coating services for, it has become an integral and necessary part of their day to work with powder coated products and machinery. The architectural industry is just one of said industries that utilises powder coating from our base in Haverhill.


If you aren’t already aware of them, the benefits of architectural powder coating – and powder coating in general – are plentiful. It all comes down to the way in which the substrate bonds during the curing process, producing a molecular structure with a high-link density. This high-link density ensures the products coated for the architectural industry withstand abuse from the elements. Due to this the colours last longer, and the products are able to better withstand bumps, dents, abrasions, and scratched.

Longer lasting and time efficient, it’s no wonder so many new and returning clients come to us to fulfil their powder coating needs and requirements. Our quality assured powder coating practice in Haverhill, Suffolk, is our area of expertise.

Other Industries

Along with the architectural industry, other industries we regularly powder coat for include:

· Aviation / Aerospace

· Construction & Telecommunications

· Entertainment

· Medical

· Refrigeration

The above is merely a handful of the industries we powder coat for. You can find a comprehensive list online here.

Contact Us

For more information on powder coating services for the architectural industry, contact a member of our expert team on 01440 706218 or

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