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Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coated metal samples

Our powder coating experts know that every project is different and with over 40 years in the industry, we’ve worked on projects from a diverse range of sectors of all shapes and sizes. Due to the vast variations items and products to be powder coated, it is vital that we have as much information about the product as possible, so that we can accurately provide time scales, offer advice and if needs be problem solve before we begin powder coating. When enquiring with us about powder coating and your requirements, there are a few key areas to consider, which we have detailed below.

A Sketch

Having a visual representation of the product that needs powder coating can help our team to accurately assess the timescale and plan out exactly how to programme the paintline for maximum coverage. Ideally, we will need a fully fleshed out dimensional sketch or blueprint and at the very least need to know the length, width and height of the item.


A photo adds to the visual aid and can help us more accurately assess the task ahead of us and so providing us with a photo if you don’t have access to sketches can be a good reference to use when discussing your requirements, particularly if different colours are to be used across the project.

Colour Choice

Our powder coating service comes with an endless choice of colours so that you can achieve a durable and flawless finish that looks fantastic. We don’t need to know the exact colour you require but a rough estimate can help us to ensure we have the right pigments stocked up for the product.

Any Special Requirements

If you product requires masking in certain areas, multiple colours or just has some obscure requests, then let us know what they are! We never shy away from a challenge, but as all good manufacturers know, planning ahead can be the difference between a good finish and a bad one.

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