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Powder Coating Colour Choices

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coating paint

Over the last few years powder coating has undergone huge advances in technology and has seen it become the mainstream way to colour a large array of industrial and domestic items. Not only can powder be used to improve the lifespan of everyday items, but it can also be used to create aesthetic appeal and market value to items. With a GEMA paintline at our disposal, we’re able to provide a huge scope of powder coating finishes and colours to suit every kind of project.


The colour selection available to powder coating projects is pretty limitless these days and can often come in high gloss or matte variations. Smooth, high gloss colours can offer a high-end aesthetic and can even give the illusion of depth or wetness. Matte finishes, however, can hide surface defects and imperfections such as nicks and scratches and so are better used for lesser quality materials.

Multi Colour

Powder coating can utilise more than one pigment in a project, either as separate colours for separate areas, or by combining the two to give a unique look. For example, combining black pigment with metallic pigments of gold, silver or copper can help to create an antique or distressed look that is popular with furniture manufacturers. Other techniques can be employed to imitate materials such as granite, chrome and stone.

Clear Coats

Not all products that are powder coated are done so for aesthetic reasons, with many projects just seeking the increased durability that the process offers. When this is the case, we can use clear coatings which are invisible once cured and used on everything from doorknobs to railings.

Chrome Appearance

Chrome plating can be expensive and although the appearance of chrome is sought after, manufacturers can use powder coating to generate the same effect. Metallic pigments are available and can be applied to give a metal like appearance without the associated costs.

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