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Powder Coating and Aviation

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coating for aviation

There are plenty of reasons the aviation industry runs as smoothly as it does, and all these elements work in unison to ensure you have the best experience possible. One thing that you might not have considered is the modest but rather integral function that powder coating has from the aeroplanes themselves to the luggage handling systems at check-in. We’ll explore these functions here in our latest blog dedicated to the subject, and in doing so we will dive into why you should think UK Powder Coating Services for aviation powder coating.


One of the most important attributes of powder coating is just how durable it is. Due to the molecular bonding that occurs during curing, powder coated items are long lasting and durable, protecting whatever it is being applied to with a ‘skin’ which can protect against anything from extreme weather conditions to harsh chemicals. For clear reasons, these have come to a huge benefit to the aerospace and aviation industries which have adopted powder coating.

Scratch Resistant

Likewise, the molecular chains produced during the powder coating process ensure your product is left scratch and bump resistant, further elongating use and making regular repaints unnecessary. This scratch resistance brings clear benefits to n industry famed for a fast-paced environment. For aviation powder coating, consider UK Powder Coating Services.

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