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Pick Powder Coating in The UK

Updated: May 2

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Powder coating is one of the most advanced sheet metal finishing services on the manufacturing market, giving metal items both an embellishment of colour and protection. This method uses a powder consisting of resin and minuscule pigment particles which are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto items that have been given the opposite charge, to form a natural attraction and bonding that is then cured and solidified in an oven. Miles ahead of wet paint or spray painting, powder coating in the UK has a wealth of benefits in the industries, so what are they?


The chemical reaction that occurs between the powder coating and the material it is bonded too, makes it much more resilient than extra paint, which is easily chipped, scuffed and scraped. This results in powder-coated items having more resilience to harmful contaminants like rain, abrasives and UV rays, making it ideal for projects that require weatherproofing. Additionally, it is more withstanding of impacts and is good for installation such as furniture, or any item in high traffic areas that may otherwise pick up marks and dents.

Environmentally Friendly

Our powder coating in the UK is also much better for the environment than traditional paints or sprays, which can quite often contain harmful solvents and VOCs that are harsh pollutants. These can cause damage to wildlife, natural matter and even human beings when ingested or inhaled and so eliminating their use forms an important part of the future of manufacturing. Luckily, powder coating doesn’t contain any solvents and all the leftover pigment can be recycled and reused, minimising waste too.

Quick Turnaround

You know what they say about waiting for paint to dry…. With powder coating though, this long and arduous wait time is written off, as once the pigment is applied, the objects can go straight into a curing oven where it dries quickly and evenly. What’s more is that with our automated GEMA paintline, projects move effortlessly through the process with no time wasted whatsoever in waiting around, ensuring projects are delivered on time.

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