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Our State-of-the-Art Paint Line

Updated: May 3

Our fully automated Gema powder coating paint line emulates a continuous production environment with a four-step monorail system. This technology is particularly beneficial because it allows for a significant reduction of operator intervention, removing space for human error. Additionally, automating the powder application process significantly reduces production times so projects can be turned around quickly.

The conveyorised oven design incorporates two ‘negative air’ seals that work both at entry and exit to minimise heat loss and minimises the risk of powder blow off. The system travels at around 1000mm a minute, for increased output and allowing us to handle lines of product. Additionally, the Gema line features a powder recycling feature that captures loose powder and cycles it back into the system.


Pre-treatment is a three-stage process starting with degreasing, a phosphate wash, and a double rinse. The pre-treatment process is essential for a flawless powder coat.

Drying Oven

The product is then dried in the drying oven. Ensuring that all the liquid is removed primes the surface for powder and ensures that powder wont stick in odd patches where it has stuck to liquid.

Powder Booth

Inside the powder booth the product is coated in a uniform layer and with any required gradations in your chosen colour/s.

Curing Oven

In the curing oven the product is heated to temperatures around 175°c to 190°c depending on the type of powder. This creates chemicals bonds and seals the powder onto the metal, creating a high-end commercial finish.

We host this market leading paint line at our base for powder coating in Haverhill, Suffolk. If you’re interested in UK Powder Coating Services, then please visit contact uson 01440 706218 or via

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