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Masking – For Where Powder Shouldn’t Stick

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Here at UK Powder Coating Services we offer some of the most impeccable, thorough, powder coating in the UK. But what about the parts that powder shouldn’t be sticking to? Masking is a common practice in powder coating to protect areas from being coated that shouldn’t be. However, as simple as it sounds it can be complicated to supply tight fitting materials that can withstand the 200°c curing process.

Some of the most common areas you want to avoid powder coating are:

· Holes, recesses, bearings.

· Internal or external threads.

· Gasket surfaces.

· Electrical earthing.

· Any parts that need to fit together and have tight tolerances.

There is now a much bigger range of masking materials on the market. The days of spending hours meticulously rolling wads of tape until one perfectly fits into a threaded hole are gone. Some of the products available are:

· Powder Coating Masking Tapes – This specifically designed masking tape is generally 2mm thick and both the silicone based adhesive and the tape can withstand curing without melting and leaving sticky residues on the metal. Available in widths ranging from 1/8” up to 9”.

· Die Cut Discs, Rectangles, and Other Shapes – These are very similar to a powder coating masking tape but come pre-cut in various shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to precisely cut them yourself.

· Tapered Plugs – Are used to plug holes for screws and fixtures, protecting internal threading, and any other essential holes.

· Caps – The opposite of the tapered plug. They’re designed to cover protruding screws, external threads, and any other relatively small spigots etc.

· Liquid Mask – This is an air-drying masking film that can be applied via a spray, brush, or roller. It’s commonly used to cover larger areas and irregularly shapes objects. The liquid mask is then easily peeled away after the curing process.

To find out more about our UK powder coating services, visit our website or contact us on 01440 706218 or via

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