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Explore the Powder Coating Process

Updated: May 2, 2023

green powder coated items

The History

Since its introduction to the US in the 60s, powder coating has become a widely popular choice for industries everywhere. The powder coating process now accounts for over 15% of the manufacturing finishing market, and at UK Powder Coating Services we have been experts in the process since the days of manual application.

What is the Powder?

A polymer resin, the powder contains a combination of curatives, pigments, levelling agents, flow moderators and other additives. These are mixed, cooled, and ground into the powder, which has texture not dissimilar to flour. The powders are available in a mixture of vibrant colours.

Phosphate Wash

Before the item can undergo the application stage of the powder coating process, it must be treated to remove any debris or rust so that a smooth finish may be attained. Here at our base in Suffolk, we elect for a phosphate wash, which effectively removes traces of anything that might disturb the process, all the while neutralising the PH and priming the metal.

Electrostatic Spray Deposition

The application of the powder is accomplished through a process called electrostatic spray deposition, or ESD. The ESD allows for the powder to adhere to the metal substrate, and the spray gun charges the powder so that it is attracted to the metal surface.


This integral stage of the powder coating process involves the application of heat. This heat will allow the powder to melt, causing it to bond and form long molecular chains that result in a high cross-link density. In this molecular shape, the coating becomes resistant to breakdown, and is the key reason behind the famed durability of powder coating.

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