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Everyday Applications for Powder Coating

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coated metal playground

Powder coating has been around since the 1950s but only in the last decade or so has it really taken off in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. For a long time, producers were put off seeking this sheet metal service out, as it was mainly used by large scale construction companies, but now, many have caught onto the benefits of this finishing process and realised that it is accessible to almost every business. Our powder coating in Suffolk has worked with hundreds of clients from across backgrounds to produce colourful and robust products.

Around The House

Several household installations now make use of powder coating thanks to the increased lifespan it can offer to products. Garden tools, greenhouses and shed fittings are often powder coated to help them withstand weathering from rain, wind and UV rays, while furniture such as table legs, sideboards and TV units benefit from having increases resistance to abrasions from moving furniture around, accidental bangs and general wear and tear.


When we talk about machinery, we don’t just mean the enormous installations in factories and warehouses, we mean all the little things that keep the world ticking over. Powder coating is good for use in these products as generally, they have a lot of moving parts, which can normally mean they suffer wear and tear more easily and can need replacement parts and maintenance more regularly. Powder coating can help to increase the lifespan of these parts and add increased resilience, so they become damaged less easily.

Architectural Features

Metal items such as window frames, door frames or decorative items like plaques and busts on buildings also have to withstand the changing conditions of the outside world and need some added protection from the elements. They are often powder coated for aesthetic reasons initially, offering these products a splash of colour that makes the exterior more appealing, but then the added durability comes as a bonus.

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