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Benefits of Switching to Powder Coated Metal

Updated: May 24, 2023

powder coated metal on building

Powder coated metal has become the material of choice for businesses and manufacturers over the years, thanks to the numerous benefits it can offer to products.

Better Durability

Compared to uncoated metal, powder coated alternatives are much more durable and hardwearing. Components that are bare will succumb to rust and corrosion over time, where as powder coated items are corrosion proof, as long as the covering is kept in good condition. This is particularly important for commercial equipment, outdoor furniture or anything with moving parts as powder coating can prolong the lifespan and improve the overall usability of the finished product. What’s more when the manufacturer aims to sell this onto the end user, the product will be of a high quality which will boost customer retention and satisfaction and help solidify the brand image as reliable.

Improved Coverage

Before powder coating, many businesses relied on paint or chrome to coat metal and protect it, but as these options aren’t suitable for everything, some items couldn’t be protected at all. Using these 2 methods, the level of coverage obtained was extremely variable, particularly if a product was made of many components or had intricate designing. With powder coated metal, however, seamless coverage can be obtained quickly and efficiently using electrostatic spray deposition which adds an ionic charge to the powder particles, causing them to fuse to the metal in a uniform layer, which once cured is sold and flawless.

It is Greener

Businesses now are looking for ways to improve their carbon footprint and choosing powder coated metal over painted can help with that. Paint and spray typically contain corrosive ingredients which are damaging for the environment and can result in a lot of wasted product being thrown away. Powder coating on the other hand, contains just pigment and any excess powder can be recycled into new shade.

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