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A Powder Coating Glossary

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Our powder coating paint line is state-of-the-art and, for the powder coating newbie, some of the terms we use can be unusual or even downright baffling. We’ve put together this short guide to shed light on the meaning behind some of these powder coating terms.

Electrostatic Coating – An electrostatic coating refers to the process of applying the electrostatically charged powder to the rounded object you want to coat. Essentially, the electrostatic particles are attracted to the grounded object, reducing powder waste and ensuring it ticks to the surface evenly and doesn’t fall off before it is cured.

Particle Charging – This refers in part to the electrostatic coating but more specifically to that electrostatic charge in the powder.

Phosphate Wash – Phosphate is an organic chemical derivative of phosphoric acid and is used for many things. We all have phosphate in our bodies to assist with healthy bone development, however in this case we use a phosphate wash prior to powder coating. This is to ensure and residue on the metal is removed, then primed for a smooth and effective powder coating.

Curing – Curing refers to the setting of the electrostatic coating, attaching it to the metal and causing strong chemical bonds to form. This is what gives powder coating such great advantage over standard wet paints, as a high-density polymer structure forms to hold the particles together. However, not every item can be powder coated due to the high temperature requirements for curing meeting around 200°c.

Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds are organic chemicals with a high vapor pressure. Their impact on human health can be very negative and they can go on to react with other gasses and pollutants on the air, leading to further environmental and atmospheric damage. You’ll be pleased to know that powder coating gives off a minimal amount of VOC’s, unlike standard wet paints. This means that the process has a much lower impact on our planet.

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