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A Powder Coating Close Up

Our GEMA powder coating in the UK is renowned for being damage resistant, durable and more environmentally friendly than other finishing methods, but what exactly is it that makes it such a fantastic choice? We’ve taken a close up look at our process to explain!

The Preparation

The first stage of any powder coating process is thoroughly preparing the metal to ensure that it is primed and meets the conditions necessary for flawless coverage. Using our GEMA powder coating UK line, we automate the process of removing dirt, oil, lubrication greases, metal oxide and welding scale from the metal parts to ensure the longest possible lifespan of the powder on the finished product. By ensuring a smooth and even surface, there are less likely to be bumps, imperfections or marks under the powder which can create an eyesore or may even inhibit the function of moving parts.


Our GEMA powder coating line in the UK uses an electrostatically charged gun to apply the pigment, which creates a chemical sticking that is almost impossible to undo. No amount of shaking, movement from the machine or human interference can break the bond between metal and powder, which is what makes it so durable and resistant to damage. Using the programmable software, our team can select a range of spray nozzles which ensure even the smallest nooks and crannies are covered for a uniform finish.


The final chamber of the GEMA powder coating UK line sees the metal and powder cured together using an over up to 200 degrees Celsius to ‘melt’ the pigment to the product. During the curing process, the powder chemically bonds using what is known as ‘crosslinking’ which results in an extremely hard and toughened layer of colour.

For more information about our powder coating technology, call our team on 01400 706218.

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