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4 Reasons to Powder Coat Outdoors Products

Updated: May 25, 2023

powder coating for outdoor products

Products that are destined to spend their lives outside have to deal with many harmful contaminants, not least from the great British weather. With UV rays quickly zapping the colour out of things, rain soaking into the material and wind blowing dust, grime and grit at them, outdoors products must be robust, hard-wearing and armed against the forces of nature. That’s why powder coating these items is the first line of defence.

Aesthetic Quality

Powder coating products such as playground furniture and fencing can give them an aesthetic appeal that looks both professional and stylish. The powder comes in a range of colours to suit all applications from earthy tones for fencing through to bright vibrant colours for signage. Applied using an electrostatic spray gun, powder coating creates a thick and uniform layer of colour on all metal items that is shiny, uniform and free from imperfections.

Incredible Protection

Known for its durability, powder coated items benefit from incredible protection, which is why it is perfect for outdoors products. The heavy-duty finish comes from the colour powder particles being applied with an electrostatic charge before being cured in an industrial oven, which fuses the particles together and as they cool, they harden into a tough exterior shell. Items coloured in this way are guarded against all kinds of weather and have superior scratch and scuff resilience.

The Greener Choice

Aside from being superior in terms of colour, strength and durability, powder coating is also the greener choice for treating outdoors products with. Absent are the solvents and harmful pollutants often found in wet paint or spray paint, making powder coated products more friendly to the environment. Outdoor items that have been powder coated will not leach these pollutants into the atmosphere and will give businesses who use the process, green credentials.

If you’d like to enquire about powder coating outdoor items, please call our team on 01440 706 218.

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