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Why You Need Retail Powder Coating

Updated: May 2

powder coating for retail

In the retail environment, image is everything. Our experts have experience in covering a wide range of industries, so we adapt our understanding towards the industry, and the retail industry has specific demands we meet with precision. On the most fundamental level, it’s important to make the right aesthetic decisions in every aspect of your retail business as people buy with their eyes. To foster brand consistency and eye-catching aesthetics that reflect your business, (retail) powder coating is arguably a necessity as it allows you to create a uniform appearance.

All you need now are experts to administer its application. Our team use the fully automated Gema powder coating that allows us to create a continuous powder coating production to the highest level there is in our industry. Not only does it boast a durable finish that prevents against any unsightly marks, but it also comes with a recycling centre that boosts your green credentials as you are actively using environmentally friendly processes within your business. For the modern-day shopper, this is huge, and people want to buy from brands and companies who care about the environment and reflect that at every level of their business.

Powder coating serves over 15% of the manufacturing market due to its suitability for a wide range of purposes and maximised production, and our team have been honing our skills in this arena for 30 years now, enabling you to trust your retail units and shopping carts will have superior corrosion resistance.

For point-of-sale displays that look uniform in their chic appearance, you need retail powder coating experts. It’s the right investment for the longevity of your business.

Contact our team today if you require any further information or want to enquire about a prospective project you plan to undertake. Call 01440 706218 or email

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