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Why We’re No.1 For Commercial Powder Coating

Updated: May 2, 2023

powder coating paint

Are we the powder coating experts you are looking for? We are already the leading choice for numerous companies across the UK, with our whopping 30 years of experience in the trade, so we thought we would home in on why our commercial powder coating services are beneficial to your business.

Technological innovation is a part of what makes our job happen, however our qualified team bridge the gap between the latest Gema technology being developed and bringing that powder coating process to you. We deliver consistent results with careful programming that allows us to provide a uniform application of the highest quality each time.

The material is robust and chip-resistant when you use our powder coating service and given the size of your building, a uniform application is particularly advantageous for maintaining brand representation. Our automated powder coating line mixes protection with aesthetics: choose between a solid colour, gradient, or a mix of colours, as necessary. Our powder coating service is usually utilised by clients as part of a project or as part of a new build, however we are just as happy to deliver a one-off service. One of the reasons we have continued to grow as broadly as we have is our commitment to honouring the demands of our clients. If you are a shopping centre or cinema, our commercial powder coating services can help you finish your project or renovation within your deadline.

Powder Recycling Centre

Many of our customers are green-focused, with the desire to actively use commercial powder coating services from a company that has green practices in place. We are using an advanced powder recycling centre to reduce the amount of powder that is thrown in with general waste and therefore help the environment.

Contact our team today if you require any further information or want to enquire about a prospective project you plan to undertake. Call 01440 706218 or email

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