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The Importance of Surface Preparation

Updated: May 24, 2023

gema powder coating line

When you need to powder coat any metal item, the preparation of the surface is just as important as the actual coating technique and can cause significant differences in the finished product if done incorrectly. UK Powder Coating Services utilise GEMA paintline technology which has an extensive pre-treatments process that is programmed for success every time. Without a proper preparation the coating could lose durability, appear less smooth or compromise the powders bond with the metal.

The Implications

The implications of a failed pre-treatment in powder coating can result in bubbles forming on the product, peeling or bumps. Aside from looking unattractive, this can have a major affect on certain items. For precision engineered components that are designed to work harmoniously together, or nay moving parts, bubbles, bumps or any raised areas in the powder could reduce the overall functionality of the finished product, or result in a shorter product life through wear and tear.

How We Prevent It

Our pre-application process is simple and ensures a high quality and uniform finish every time. Starting with a phosphate wash to remove any debris, dust or residue from machining, every item is thoroughly and chemically cleaned. Sometimes if necessary, we repeat this process until the surface of the metal is smooth, clean and ready for the next step. The added benefit of this prewash method is that it also neutralises the pH of the metal which helps prime the metal for powder application. Once clean and dry, we use a process called electrostatic spray deposition which applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles, which are then drawn to the grounded surface of the metal, causing a chemical bond between the two.

For more information about our powder coating process, visit our website here.

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