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Powder Coating Industries

Powder coating is now one of the more favoured finishing processes in manufacturing accounting for over 15% of the finishing market. While all manner of industries can benefit from this process, there are some which favour powder coating over other colouring methods thanks to it’s unique qualities with agriculture, construction, architecture and automotive all regularly using the process to finish their respective products.


For architects, powder coating is an appealing finishing method for doors, window frames, bathroom features, guard rails, structural steel and more. Powder coating offers these installations fantastic long term corrosion resistance thanks to the curing process. When this occurs during fabrication, the powder pigments that sit on top of the metal melts into a uniform layer thanks to a chemical reaction, forming strong bonds and a resistant surface making it perfect for installations that require additional weathering.


Car manufacturer regularly use powder coating for wheels, radiators, suspension systems, brake assemblies and valve covers to name but a few of the components. Aside from the aforementioned durability of powder coating, it is favoured by this sector thanks to the diverse range of colours that can be selected. Available in vibrant, bold primary colours, metallic hues and even pastels, virtually any colour can be applied to the components. Even if the colour cannot be provided, mixing pigments allows for its production.

Agriculture and Construction

Another industry whereby products are situated outside and require weather protection is agriculture and construction. In an environment where machinery is moving land or lifting heavy loads all while contending with rain, UV and frost, extreme durability is required. Traditional paint jobs are likely to chip when faced with thee challenges, but powder coating is resistant to scratches and chips and can hold up in these tough conditions.

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