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Powder Coating in Industry and at Home

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

We at UK Powder Coating Services have powder coated items for both industry and domestic manufacturers, so we have put together this list of industries where this process is common and why.

One of the most popular industries for powder coating is construction. The durable, armour-like layer serves as a protective shield for the metal underneath from abrasion, heat, liquid penetration, corrosion, UV rays, and even harsh chemicals. The coating can be as thick as you want, as there is no running as you might see in thick layers of standard wet paints.

You will also find extensive amounts of powder coating in the military defence sector, again due to the outstanding durability and resistance to corrosion. The military has benefitted from powder coating on many defensive assets. Similarly, aerospace benefits highly as the protective layer offers resistance to harsh environments while streamlining the body of the aircraft to reduce drag.

Hospitals and other medical facilities are also hotspots for powder coated items. The main priority in medicine is sterilisation. The smooth, flawless finish and resistance to aggressive chemicals makes powder coating the ideal solution. There are no fine lines, divots, or creases for dirt or germs to hide.

In your home. The domestic appliance industry utilises both the durability and aesthetic appeal of powder coating. Not only does this process achieve a longer lifespan for your appliances but there are bright, bold colours that standard wet paints simply cannot achieve.

At UK Powder Coating Services, we can coat almost any item within the dimensions 3000x1500x600mm and that can withstand 200°c and an electrical charge, with our automated 4 stage paint line. More and more businesses are shifting to powder coating, with this method now serving over 15% of the manufacturing finishing market.

If you have an interest in UK Powder Coating Services, contact us today!

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