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Agriculture and Powder Coating

Updated: May 2

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It may not have been something you’d ever considered, but have you ever wondered what method is used to paint a whole host of machinery used in the agricultural industry? Well, as the title might suggest, powder coating has become an integral part of it, ensuring lasting colour and resilience. There’s a reason why the agricultural continually looks towards UK Powder Coating Services, and we’ll get to that.

Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry is a large, multifaceted creature, integral to the day-to-day functioning of almost every civilisation. In the UK we are able to take advantage of the latest technologies to make agriculture a more efficient process. These latest technologies usually come in the form of large machinery such as tractors, and harvester, which spend vast amounts of time out weathering the elements. This resilience is down to what happens to the powder once it bonds during curing. To put it briefly, the molecular structure alters and creates a stronger, lasting alternative to traditional painting methods.

UK Powder Coating Services

We have been in practice since powder coating was a manual craft, completed by hand. We now employ the use of the latest advancements in technology with the fully automated Gema powder coating line, a system which allows for the seamless application the powder and of the curing process. From start to finish, this machine has overseen the transformation of thousands of products, and is a much faster alternative to wet paint. For agricultural powder coating in Suffolk, consider UK Powder Coating Services.

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